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Hey, everyone! So over the past two years I’ve experimented with Kindle Unlimited a few times with both of my series and my standalones and now I’m really looking for YOUR input! If you’ve got just a couple of seconds could you let me know if you read on KU regularly or do you prefer to buy your books (if so, do you buy from Amazon or other retailers?)

4 Year Anniversary on WordPress

I logged on today and was surprised to see a little notice that this was my 4 year anniversary on wordpress–wow! 4 years with this blog? But then I did the math and yeah, that sounds about right. 4 years puts us back in in the summer of 2012 when I wrote the first 50,000 words of what would become The Duality Paradigm. It would take almost 2 years AFTER that initial summer before I finished and felt brave enough to publish that novel and two more years to bring us here, many more books and another series in my rearview mirror.

I can’t say I’ve accomplished as much as I would have liked to in that time. 2015 was a really bad year for me writing-wise. I put out the third book in the Blood & Bone Trilogy and then essentially fell off the map due to other life stuff. And summer 2016 has been plagued by various distractions and some personal stuff that’s really derailed me.

pacchia 1-2 3D box setBut you know, I’m still plugging away even if it is slowly. I’m working to get the next couple of The Kingdom of Pacchia novels out before the end of the year. SPEAKING OF….if you’ve read any of The Kingdom of Pacchia novels and were thinking about leaving a review consider leaving one here on the BOXSET that would really help me out. This goes for all authors, but reviews are a great help to us both in conveying to readers what our books are about and for getting into promo lists, so every honest review helps!

4 years…that’s 4 full length novels, 4 novellas, and a handful of short stories….I can’t wait to see what the next 4 years brings!



Sneak Peak: The Line of Allora

The Kingdom of Pacchia Book 4 Coming Soon!

It’s almost here, I’m hard at work finishing up Book 4 in this series and to give you guys a little hint at whats to come, here is the first chapter! We rejoin our omega king, Aubrey Allora, on the even of his long awaited wedding to Lord Riven!

Pacchia4Chapter One, The State of Affairs

The ceremony was much what one would expect from just such an event—that is, the wedding of the newly crowned High King of Pacchia to the Lord Dierik Riven. It was arranged to cater to tradition, ostentatious enough to please the more traditionalist members of the court, but not so overwhelming that it ran entirely counter to the King’s taste, which was rather muted compared to that of many in the peerage.

Aubrey had struggled to walk the line between what was expected and what he desired. If it had been entirely up to him, he would have preferred a small, private ceremony the week after his proposal to Lord Riven, overseen by the Lord Chamberlain, and witnessed by their families and the most loyal of his lords. But he was cognizant that that sort of ceremony was not the kind a king could afford to indulge in.

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