Lia Cooper, twenty-something, Pacific Northwest native, voracious reader, enthusiastic writer. Lia started out writing Labyrinth fanfiction in grade school. She’s been an avid NaNoWriMo participant since 2004, and finally completed the 50k challenge in 2012 when she wrote her debut novel: The Duality Paradigm.

After a 10 month break from writing in 2015, Lia is back in front of Scrivener full time and working on the last few books in The Kingdom of Pacchia, a follow-up novel to The Symbiotic Law, and a fresh spin-off series to the Blood & Bone Series called Occult Investigations.

She actively ships Derek/Stiles (even though she stopped watching Teen Wolf after season 2), Kirk/Spock, and Bilbo/Thorin. For fannish things you can follow her on tumblr (winterrogue.tumblr.com).

A few of my favorite things (Book Edition): Pride & Prejudice, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Eyre Affair, Whiteout, Fun Home

A few of my favorite things (Film Edition): A Single Man, Atonement, Watchmen, Pitch Black, Iron Man, Inception, You’ve Got Mail

Things I listen to (while I’m working): Morcheeba, Metric, Vampire Weekend, Lia Ices, Cat Power, Prinze George, Fall Out Boy


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