Tumblr Announcement

Hi all! Taking a little side-jaunt from all of the Blood & Bones excitement this week to announce that I’ve created a new tumblr for myself, which you can find here: http://lia-cooper-writes.tumblr.com/

I wasn’t really using the old one so I deleted it a bit ago but I had this idea. I really want to write something fun. As much as I do like the Blood & Bone trilogy it is, personally, exhausting to write. But thats not unusual. ALL of my projects (of which i have more than I care to list here, let’s just say that it’s a LOT) are kind of exhausting.

I want to write something fun.

I want to write something FOR fun.

I sat down this morning and just started typing and suddenly I had 300 words and it was fun, and it was off the cuff, and it’s probably going to spawn a whole novel.

BUT I’m not going to write it in scrivener (not at first, at least, it will end up there eventually).

I know some people use wattpad and love it. Ive posted stuff there, never seen a response, and ultimately it’s not my sandbox. Tumblr is my sandbox (now that fandom has effectively moved there from livejournal if you kwim).

SO, going forward I’m going to try something new by writing short snippets of my fun medieval story over at my tumblr, probably not more than a couple hundred words per day, unplotted, totally just like “whatever happens, happens” as an experiment and also as a reprieve from more serious projects.

Feel free to follow me over there, send asks, reblog, etc! And don’t worry, I won’t be abandoning this blog by any stretch. This will still be HQ for all official books news!




There might be a more detailed post coming but for now, just popping by to say I finished up all of the work early and hit publish on Blood & Bone Book Two: The Convergence Theory.

convergence rightside up small


Check it out on amazing! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LQNWYWW

Book 2 Publishing Update

Are you ready for more UST? More murder, nightmares, and dudes running around with more feelings than they know what to do with?

Popping in to give everyone here a little headsup that it looks like I’ll be releasing book 2 The Convergence Theory next monday, July 14th!

As a teaser, I’ll be posting chapter 1 here on the blog either later today or tomorrow.

Now, back to final edits :)


A Year Ago…

give or take a month, I began writing book 2 of the Blood & Bone Trilogy (The Convergence Theory). I’m working on a last round of editing for that book right now and re-reading it I’m reminded of the beginning. It was hot and gross then. We were experiencing a legit heatwave through most of the continental USA. I struggled writing Convergence during the winter because the characters were hot and lethargic and I was cold in my house, rain sodden and discouraged with my writing.

It’s hot again, but grey and heavily overcast. It doesn’t rain though.

Looking For Lesbian Romance Book Recs

Hey guys, so at some point I do plan on getting this blog back to its regularly scheduled programming.

One of the things I want to do is another book review. Specifically, I’m looking for something in the f/f genre. Any of you have some recs? Books you liked, authors you love? I’m pretty easy for genre as long as it’s well written and character driven.

Summer’s Out

In other news, the draft for Book 2 has been sent off to beta readers and I’m waiting to hear back. My writing partner and I have started a new summer schedule (M-F 8:30-10:30) which is rough, lmty, but productive. I’ve been editing her sci-fi novel while I give Book 3 some time to percolate in my brain.

Next month I’ll be taking an intensive drawing class (it’s called Drawing Marathon and meets 9am-4pm 3 days a week, whoa!) Maybe I’ll post some scans if the end results aren’t too terrible ;)

What are your summer writing plans? Tell me about them in the comments or find me on twitter! @LiaCooperWrites


Where Did Lia Go??!

It’s been awhile since I posted here. I’m not dead! I’m just behind schedule. And to make matters worse my internet service has gone from “bad” to “completely fucking useless.” If you follow me on twitter you’ve probably seen a few of my angry tweets (I’m hoping that if I shame CenturyLink long and hard enough I’ll actually get someone to come FIX THEIR SHIT).

My internet has been unreliable since late March but in the past couple of weeks it’s gotten exponentially worse. the WAN won’t stay connected for more than 5-15 minutes at a time and I’ve replaced all of the hardware and updated the firmware and there’s literally nothing else I can do on my end to try to fix the problem but GOOD FUCKING LUCK getting someone from CenturyLink to do anything besides ask you if ALL your phone lines have a filter on them and assure you that there is nothing wrong with their local service. HAH-fucking-HAH (I’m more than a little frustrated as you can imagine considering I do ALL of my work online).

So, I’m laboriously working on editing Book Two (It’s super fun when you disconnect from Google Docs every 10 minutes LET ME TELL YOU) while writing is temporarily on hold (I’m so full of rage there is just no way for me to be creative rn on top of the fact I cant get spotify to work with this internet problem). I will at some point have a copy of Convergence to go out to the kind people who volunteered to beta read for me–it will hopefully be by the end of this month (WHERE DID MAY GO?????).

In the meantime if you have questions, comments, timestamp requests my inbox is open and I will try to get back to you!

Noveling Playlist: The Convergence Club Mix

I pretty much have to have music going when I write. It doesn’t necessarily have to be thematic (though sometimes it does). My brain just needs that bit of sound–call it distraction or inspiration, I’m honestly not sure which is more accurate.

There was no blog post this past Friday because I really didn’t have anything new to report. Writing is going slowly but progressing, my April nano goal is still dead in the water (but that’s ok because I’m still working on editing Book 2 and writing Book 3 albeit at a slowerpace), and I was a little bit busy playing WoW (oops? What can I say, I’ve discovered a renewed interest in finishing up the legenedary cloak quest before summer). So, instead of last friday’s blogpost, I’m giving you guys an odd day easter egg from Book 2.

Lia’s Writing Soundtracks

I was talking about music at the beginning. I find that when I write a book I tend to lean towards a group of artists and or albums that I listen to on repeat during the length of writing that particular book. At the group of artists changes for every books. When I wrote Duality, I listened to Morcheeba and Feist on repeat. While writing Book2: The Convergence Theory I listened to Fall Out Boy’s new album a lot–just like, SO MUCH. I’m not even much of a FOB fan so don’t ask me why it worked.

But there was one particular chapter in Book2 that I struggled to hit the right tone with. It’s a fairly dark chapter and I was in a really good mood the day I wrote it so I turned to spotify to help find the right dark, burn-out-blow-away tone I needed to write. I created the “Convergence Club Mix” and liberally flavored it with Nine Inch Nails (not features on the 8track version), and it actually was very helpful when it came to writing that chapter.

I’ve compiled an abridged version of the Convergence Club Mix (also could be considered a Best of 2013) on 8tracks which you can listen to below (hopefully??? I’ve never made a playlist before so I REALLY hope it works). Just imagine NIN’s Closer playing on repeat at the end :)

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